Sleeve gastrectomy Sleeve gastrectomy is a restrictive bariatric surgery. During this procedure, the surgeon creates a small, sleeve-shaped stomach. It is larger than the stomach pouch created during Roux-en-Y bypass—and is about the size of a skinny banana.

Through five or six keyhole-sized incisions, roughly 80 to 85 percent of the stomach organ is removed making patients feel full quicker and thus giving them better portion control. The segment of the stomach which is removed also houses hormone producing cells (Ghrelin- also known as a hunger hormone) which trigger hunger and therefore, once that portion of stomach is removed, hunger levels/cravings also tend to diminish.

Sleeve gastrectomy also markedly improves most obesity-related comorbidities such as diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension and hyperlipidemia.

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Sleeve Gastrectomy Infographic

Featured Patient Stories

John – Gastric Sleeve*

John – Gastric Sleeve*

“At 36 years old, I’m able to do things with this body that I never thought existed. How fast can I move, jump, run? I haven’t experienced these things since I was a child. I feel like I’m test driving a Ferrari.” [READ MORE]

RoseAnn- Sleeve Gastrectomy*

RoseAnn- Sleeve Gastrectomy*

Another success story for Advanced Surgeons! You can be a success story too! Call today to find out how to get started on your life-changing weight loss journey! 914-347-0162... [READ MORE]


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